Lots has changed, mostly he is now 10 years older (now he really is 64!!) and retired. But the message is the same: over 70 million Baby Boomers, traveling through "space, the final frontier." Oh, wait, wrong book.

a.j.jr has lived through the last half of the fascinating twentieth century. He has had operations on his knees and back, the Viet Nam Conflict interrupted his life, he inhaled and he never got to Woodstock. While his body might not work the same way that it did when he was 16, his mind can still remember with the best of them. He attributes this to teaching 8th graders (remember what 8th grade was like?) for 35 years.

a.j. believes that no matter where you grew up during the amazing times of our generation, we all shared certain experiences that made us a unique generation. We lived through some amazing times. And while he doesn't really want to go back and relive them, he doesn't want anyone to forget what we once shared.